We are a family business providing exhalent quality of workmanship ,service and honesty to our customers.

To many people are sucked into the lowest price promise !! And then pay dearly for been mislead at the beginning .

Our advise is to get at the very leased 3 Estimates. Where they have been quantified professionally ,this should show if there are any admissions from the different estimates .These are worth paying for in the beginning . And need to include your personal requirements such as special fittings of finishes type of wood to be used ,the list goes on.  Which  are often not in the plans provided .This can mean large unexpected extra costs .

This service is in most cases offered free!!! .This is not the case in reality the charge will be hidden in the costs somewhere .  Ask the Question please .

Now for the really bad news these quantifying cost get spread over the next job or jobs ,so in not accepting a estimate or quote the next customer/client end up paying for your costing’s. No lies at the beginning has to be a good thing .

In the interests of fairness there many exhalent building professionals in the industry that will provide you with quality services with  honest practises .

Please consider arcc construction when choosing your builders and renovators for your project .

Thank you for taking the time to read our information ,if you have any questions please call/email/text.

Best regards

Arcc Construction